Review of Meg Cabot's 'Jinx' (2024): Exploring Self-Acceptance and Supernatural Mysteries

Review of Meg Cabot's 'Jinx' (2024): Exploring Self-Acceptance and Supernatural Mysteries
Review of Meg Cabot's 'Jinx' (2024): Exploring Self-Acceptance and Supernatural Mysteries (Pics: Gramedia)

BOOKS.BIZ.ID - "Jinx," the latest novel by the acclaimed author Meg Cabot, released on May 31, 2024, has generated significant buzz among readers and critics alike. Known for her deft storytelling and compelling characters, Cabot once again delivers a riveting tale filled with mystery, supernatural elements, and the complexities of teenage life. Published by HarperCollins, this novel promises an engaging read for young adults and fans of Cabot's previous works.

Plot Summary

Jean Honeychurch, the protagonist, despises her mundane name, Jean—simple and unremarkable. To make matters worse, her nickname, "Jinx," seems to be a cruel twist of fate. 

Misfortune shadows her every step, leading her to New York City in an attempt to escape the chaos she left behind in her small hometown.

Welcomed by her aunt and uncle into their Manhattan townhouse, Jean's hopes for a fresh start are quickly dashed. 

Her cousin Tory, beautiful and enigmatic, is far from pleased to have her around. The tension between the cousins forms the crux of the narrative, as Tory harbors a dangerous secret that threatens not just Jean, but the entire household.

As the story unfolds, Jean discovers that her streak of bad luck might not be a mere coincidence. Instead, it could be tied to a curse she has been under since birth. This curse, which she initially sees as a burden, may ultimately be her salvation.

Character Analysis

  • Jean Honeychurch (Jinx): Jean is a relatable and sympathetic character, struggling with the weight of her nickname and the misfortune it symbolizes. Cabot masterfully portrays her journey from a girl haunted by bad luck to a young woman who confronts her fears and accepts her unique destiny.
  • Tory: Tory is the quintessential foil to Jean's character. Her initial animosity towards Jean is rooted in jealousy and a sense of superiority, but as her dark secret unravels, readers see a more complex side to her. Tory's character serves as a catalyst for Jean's transformation.


  • Self-Acceptance: One of the central themes of "Jinx" is self-acceptance. Jean's struggle with her nickname and the perceived curse reflects a broader struggle for identity and self-worth. Throughout the novel, she learns to embrace her true self, flaws and all.
  • Family Dynamics: The novel explores the intricate dynamics of family relationships, particularly between cousins. Jean's relationship with her aunt and uncle provides a contrast to the strained connection with Tory, highlighting themes of belonging and familial loyalty.
  • Supernatural Elements: The curse that Jean believes she is under adds a supernatural layer to the narrative. This element of mysticism is seamlessly woven into the story, enhancing the intrigue and suspense.

Writing Style

Meg Cabot's writing style is both engaging and accessible. She has a knack for creating vivid, relatable characters and placing them in situations that resonate with readers. 

Her prose is crisp and evocative, capturing the essence of teenage angst and the thrill of uncovering long-held secrets. The pacing is well-balanced, keeping readers hooked from the first page to the last.


While "Jinx" offers a compelling plot and well-developed characters, some readers might find the supernatural elements a bit predictable. 

The curse, although central to the story, follows a somewhat familiar trajectory seen in other young adult fiction. However, Cabot's skillful storytelling and character development more than compensate for this minor shortcoming.


"Jinx" by Meg Cabot is a delightful addition to the young adult genre, offering a blend of mystery, supernatural intrigue, and heartfelt emotion. Jean Honeychurch's journey of self-discovery and empowerment is both inspiring and entertaining. 

Fans of Cabot's previous works, as well as new readers, will find "Jinx" a thoroughly enjoyable read. The novel not only entertains but also encourages readers to embrace their uniqueness and confront their fears head-on.

For those seeking a captivating story with relatable characters and a touch of the supernatural, "Jinx" is a must-read. Meg Cabot has once again proven her prowess in crafting stories that leave a lasting impression.

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