Review of "Great Advice for Solving Everyday Challenges at Work and in Life" by David Wee & Handi Kurniawan

Review of "Great Advice for Solving Everyday Challenges at Work and in Life" by David Wee & Handi Kurniawan
Review of "Great Advice for Solving Everyday Challenges at Work and in Life" by David Wee & Handi Kurniawan (Pics: Gramedia)

In the fast-paced, dynamic world of modern workplaces, finding reliable and practical advice to navigate everyday challenges is invaluable. 

"Great Advice for Solving Everyday Challenges at Work and in Life" by David Wee and Handi Kurniawan is a treasure trove of insights and strategies designed to help readers tackle common problems effectively and gracefully.

Book Overview

"Great Advice" is not just a manual for professional success; it is a guidebook that merges professional wisdom with personal growth. 

The authors, David Wee and Handi Kurniawan, draw from their extensive experience in leadership and development to provide actionable advice that can be applied immediately in real-life scenarios. 

The book is peppered with vignettes, case studies, and thoughtful reflections, making it an engaging and informative read.

Structure and Content

The book is structured into various sections, each addressing different aspects of professional and personal challenges. The conversational style makes the content accessible, and the practical tips are presented in a straightforward manner, allowing readers to easily grasp and implement them.

1. Workplace Wisdom: This section deals with common issues faced in the workplace, such as dealing with difficult colleagues, managing time effectively, and enhancing productivity. The authors emphasize the importance of communication, empathy, and strategic thinking in overcoming these challenges.

2. Leadership Insights: Leadership is a recurring theme throughout the book. Wee and Kurniawan provide nuanced advice on how to inspire and lead teams, manage conflicts, and drive organizational change. Their insights are backed by real-world examples, making the guidance practical and relevant.

3. Personal Development: Beyond professional advice, the book delves into personal growth. It covers topics such as building resilience, maintaining work-life balance, and setting personal goals. This holistic approach ensures that readers are not just better professionals but also more well-rounded individuals.

4. Case Studies and Anecdotes: The inclusion of real-life stories and case studies enriches the reading experience. These anecdotes serve as both inspiration and cautionary tales, illustrating the application of the book’s advice in various contexts.

Key Takeaways

Practicality and Relevance

One of the standout features of "Great Advice" is its practicality. The tips and strategies offered are not abstract theories but are grounded in everyday realities. This makes the advice highly relevant and immediately applicable, whether you are a seasoned executive or a new professional.

Holistic Approach

Wee and Kurniawan understand that professional success is intertwined with personal well-being. Their holistic approach ensures that readers are equipped with tools to improve both their work and personal lives, fostering a sense of balance and fulfillment.

Engaging Style

The conversational and engaging writing style keeps readers hooked. The use of vignettes and real-world examples adds a layer of authenticity and relatability to the advice, making the book a compelling read.

Expert Endorsements

The book has garnered praise from various industry leaders, underscoring its value and impact:

  • Ann Ann Low, Senior Director of Learning & Development Asia Pacific Region at LinkedIn, commends the book for its insightful and thought-provoking challenges presented in an engaging conversational style.
  • Peter Attfield, Chief Talent & Learning Officer at Jardine Matheson Ltd., notes the book’s relevance in addressing the gap in common sense leadership behaviors and lauds it as a starting point for good advice.
  • Roshan Thiran, Founder of Leaderonomics, emphasizes the book’s immense benefit in helping individuals succeed in a dynamic world.
  • Tyo Guritno, CEO & Co-founder of INSPIGO, describes the book as a “cheat-sheet” for career success, filled with wisdom and practical tips.
  • Supratim Bose, President & Chief Operating Officer of Global Emerging Markets at ConvaTec, praises the book for making complex learnings and wisdom easily adoptable and executable in real-life situations.


"Great Advice for Solving Everyday Challenges at Work and in Life" by David Wee and Handi Kurniawan is an essential read for anyone looking to enhance their professional and personal lives. 

The book’s practical tips, engaging style, and holistic approach make it a valuable resource for tackling everyday challenges with confidence and ease. 

Whether you are looking to improve your leadership skills, navigate workplace dynamics, or achieve personal growth, this book offers a wealth of knowledge to help you succeed.

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